Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Countdown: 8 days to go

It's been kind of busy since Saturday.

Much of that time, and then some, has gone in tying little loops on the ends of about 10,000 strands of beads. We naively thought they would already have little loops on them. Wrong.

Still, what with that and a whole lot of unpacking, building an extra counter and hanging things on walls the shop has gone from looking like this:

To something a bit more like this:

It is rather like decorating a Christmas tree, only less random. I know it looks kind of chaotically ordered but  there is some sort of logic to it - it is all alphabetical by the type of gemstone: Agates at the top left followed by Amazonite and Amethyst and so on through to Coral at the end of the second row, with Howlites and Jades beneath. The next wall has everything up to Obsidian then we move onto the opposite wall for Opals, Quartzes and so on.

All makes a load of sense if you spent a lot of time in the Geology Museum.

Mind you, there's a lot of junk still on the floor. That 's why there are no pictures of the floor today.

The outside of the shop is still a bit unassuming:

But that should change about 10 o'clock tomorrow morning when the sign goes up.

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