Sunday, 10 June 2012

More boats!

We have got two more of these things on the way, with between them another third of a ton of stock on them (plus, I guess, several thousands of tons of stuff for other people too). Some of it should turn up end-June and the rest mid-July.

So we've got two things going on at the moment: Ann is filling up and dressing the shop, which probably we should have done before opening - but hey, you gotta start somewhere, eh? And Paul is going batty with some giant spreadsheets trying to work out how to price it all. Sometime soon these two activities will meet up and we will probably discover we don't have the space to fit it in. Or maybe even the insurance cover to cover it.

We shall probably have an entertaining board meeting about it and than panic for a bit before sorting it out.

In the next post, we're going to talk about tools for a bit. We do tend to bang on about the beads, because they are really nice, but the tools are what lets you do useful, or at least attractive, things with them. And we have got a lot of tools in stock, some of which look as though they would be more use in a mediaeval torture chamber rather than being handy for making bracelets.

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