Monday, 27 August 2012

Location! Location! Location!

Location. That's what they all say it is all about.

We're fairly lucky in where we are. If you can see this in one direction:

which is the Grand Pier and probably the biggest landmark in town; and you can see this in the other direction:

which is a spiky illuminated sculpture thingy conveniently close to where all the buses stop; then you have two enormous advantages.

The first is that you are standing on the corner of St James Street about 50 yards from our shop.

The second is that you are bang in front of the cash machine at Barclays on the corner.

(There's a disadvantage too: If you don't step up onto the pavement pretty sharpish you will likely get run over by a number 7 bus.)

We're about 200 yards from the sea wall (*). That's plenty close enough to get some passing visitors, though we do need to give some thought next summer to having some signs up to send people in the right direction.

We're down this street

about 50 yards on the right-hand side. And one of these days we might get a sticking-out sign to compete with all the other sticking-out signs!

(*) being 200 yards from the sea wall isn't the same as being 200 yards from the sea, not here. Because of the tides we're somewhere between 200 yards and a mile-and-a-half from the sea at spring tide, but "on average about a mile from the sea" isn't all that good a slogan. But we're 200 yards from the beach that's for sure.

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