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Address: 10 St James Street, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1SS

Weston-super-Mare is in the southwest of England about 20 miles southwest of Bristol. There are regular train services from Bristol, London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Taunton.

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Come off the M5 at junction 21 and head for Weston-super-Mare. Keep going straight over all the roundabouts and eventually you'll get to the town centre - it's about 5 miles from the motorway.

There's disabled parking right outside the shop, but it does tend to fill up early in the morning, you'll be lucky to find a slot after eight-ish. There are also a few loading bays, but generally it isn't a good idea to try and park close to the shop - better by far to park up somewhere in the town centre and walk.

Whatever you do, don't rely on satnav to try and get to the shop! The area near the Pier has all been reworked recently, and we nearly lost one delivery driver who went around in circles seven times before Paul found him and rescued him. The only legal route to get to the shop is this one:
- go past the entrance to Tescos car park and keep going straight on.
- You'll see a 'no vehicles' sign (with small letters saying that disabled and loading is OK). Go down there with all the buses.
- take the second left into St James Street. There are loading bays immediately on your right, then disabled parking, and more loading bays around the next corner.

And the only legal way out is to turn right halfway down St James Street then take the unmarked first left to bring you out onto Regent Street.

On foot

From the seafront - take the road directly opposite the Grand Pier (across the pedestrianised bit), and the road second on your right is St James Street. We are about 100 yards down on the right, in between the Old English Restaurant and Chris's Restaurant.

From the High Street - walk to Big Lamp Corner, where the big tall pointy thing is. Head down Regent Street towards the seafront. St James Street is first on the left. We are about 100 yards down on the right, in between the Old English Restaurant and Chris's Restaurant.

From the Railway Station - walk straight across the forecourt heading for the big Tescos. Walk across the Tescos car park to the far side and turn left. Walk straight on to Big Lamp Corner and the seafront. Once your are past the High Street, St James Street is next on the left.

From the Sovereign Centre if it is raining - walk through Marks & Spencer to the Food Hall. There's a rear exit at the far right up some stairs and St James Street is diagonally opposite you to your left.

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